Critters: Argh.

Clyde got out (again) this morning. Unfortunately, this time he decided to go all the way and head down the hill into the brush out back. I will go back out again in a bit when it is lighter and I can see better and see if I can call him back. At this point I guess there isn't much I can do. If he doesn't come back today I will put up fliers and call the local vets to let them know he is missing and is micro-chipped.

Thank goodness I did get him micro-chipped – of course, that won't help him if an animal or car gets him.

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2 thoughts on “Critters: Argh.

  1. I hope that Clyde comes back on his own after realizing how good he has it in the house. And of course that'll mean that you're not having to worry as much and as long. Good luck finding him.

  2. Thanks! I finally found him hiding in the bushes, scared as all get out. He's back inside and seems very relieved. Hopefully he has had his fill of the outside for awhile!

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