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Marly was three months old yesterday. I am going to try to get a good photo of her today. Right now we are working on the ‘sit’ command along with ‘stay’. We are also working on staying out of the kitchen. She does pretty well with all of them when I can get her attention. Yesterday I learned yet another valuable lesson in not paying enough attention to what she is doing when she is loose in the house. She got a hold of a loose corner of carpet in the entry way and pulled it up. Luckily there wasn’t too much actual damage, but she frayed it enough that the carpet no longer reaches the tack strip to hold it down there. So, it looks like the carpet will be replaced in the next year or so (once she is through this “puppy” stage) and until then I am going to have to be really careful when I vacuum that area. The good news is that I was seriously contemplating tiling the entry, dining room, living room, and kitchen anyway, along with both bathrooms and the laundry room. A huge job? Yes! Worth it in the long run for durability and ease of cleaning with two dogs and two cats running around? Absolutely!

And speaking of house projects…I bought eight Leyland Cypress today that will go in two groups (I think) along the back part of my lot. They grow extremely fast and will make nice screens so that in a couple years the backyard will have much more privacy from the neighbors that are up the hill from us and look directly into our yard. Eventually the cypress will get to somewhere around 50′ tall…but that is a ways off even with how fast they grow. I couldn’t find the red maples I wanted. I will check the big nursery in town next weekend. Otherwise, they may have to wait until spring time.

Yesterday Neil and I participated in the fall session for PhotoWILD! 2008. Apparently they are doing the regular spring session as well toward the end of April…we may do that one too. All entrants can submit photos for the contest next May. In my free time (what’s that?) I will be sorting through the photos I took and posting them to Flickr. I am sure some will make it here as well, but if you are interested in seeing the bulk of them, head over there.

Clyde’s little adventure doesn’t seem to have deterred him much from his desire to go outside…though, he isn’t quite as pushy about it all as he was previously, but he is still right there at the door every time I take the pups out. Naughty kitty!

Not much else happening. I will be in Knoxville a couple days next week. Other than that, just trying to get back on track with getting some projects completed around here.

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