Less Rotten – Now, mostly just over-ripe

I got some sleep which helped a little. Marly was restless and bark-y all night…I am sure from a lack of attention and exercise while I was away. She has settled down a bit today.

It is fun to watch her personality develop as Marly gets older. She is so different from Sadie and I am sure a lot has to do with the differences in how I have started out with them. Marly is not at all a picky eater – Sadie was and I let her be which made it worse! Marly loves the rain…well ok, some of what we have had today was a bit much even for her, but she doesn’t mind being out in it. Sadie? She hates the rain or even getting her feet wet and dirty. She is a princess. They are both very pushy and stubborn, though, and that can be fun (and frustrating) too.

This evening we are headed to the Apple store so Neil can pick up the new OS that is being released today. I will go drool over the iMac and maybe we will end up with the Apple TV for the house here. In fact, maybe it will help move me in the direction of doing away with my cable. Mostly, though, I want that iMac.

Tomorrow morning we are loading up Bonnie & Clyde and Marly and taking them all to the vet for shots and check-ups. It is Marly’s monthly puppy visit and the B & C need their second Feline Leukemia shots. Exciting stuff!

After waiting and hoping, the rain is finally here. It has been raining pretty regularly for the past day or so and today it has been almost nonstop here at the house. Now, I just hope there isn’t too much flooding because the ground is too dry to soak it up fast enough. It is absolutely pouring right now…and I love it!

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