I am in a foul mood this evening. I am home. The pups are here with me. And even with that, nothing feels quite right. I guess at least Sadie and Marly were glad to see me when I went to pick them up.

Somehow I have already lost any sort of alpha status I had with Marly. Her playing/biting is getting worse and when I tell her “No!” it just seems to spur on her want to play and play rough. I look like I have been attacked by some mad cat with the bruises and scratches all over my legs and arms. Mostly now I want to kill her when she gets like this (which I know doesn’t help either…I am sure she gets the vibes from me), but really it is the last thing I want to deal with after sitting in the car for five hours and being up and working at 5am this morning.

I came home to my TV being on, the outside lights all turned off, a peed on blanket left in Marly’s crate, blood or some other red substance on the carpet, and Clyde trying to kill Bonnie.

The notes from the pet sitter ladies that came Tuesday and Wednesday were nice, but though they don’t think Marly had any overnight accidents Tuesday night, based on the smell of the blanket that I found in the washer, I think she pulled one of her poop and then ‘clean-up’ acts. Though, maybe that happened at a different time.

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4 thoughts on “Rotten

  1. I hope you were able to get some sleep and wake up more refreshed. And hopefully you've got a relaxing weekend ahead. Good luck with your projects.I can't remember if I ever commented or sent you a PM about tips for biting. If I didn't let me know and I can send you something. Marly's definitely at the age where she'll be testing out her boundaries and what she can get away with.

  2. Thanks…I am feeling a little better today. Still stressed, but less angry/grumpy feeling. 🙂
    And I am terrible, I honestly don't know if you sent me anything regarding biting or not, but I am also thinking I would definitely rememeber if you had so I am inclined to say no. Any info/ideas you have are always appreciated! I am also going to talk to the vet about it when she goes in tomorrow for her monthly puppy visit.

  3. Ooooh the biting and nipping of puppies!!!! Do you crate train? Just pop her in there….
    Teulu was a lot like that and occasionally he still looses his mind. This morning after walking for 40 min he suddenly got all excited and started to jump up at me. So he got to sit until he got bored with sitting, and could maintain a nice quiet walk on the leash… Yugh. Good Luck!!!!
    Sounds as if your pet sitters were a bit strange BTW.

  4. Yes…Marly gets quite a few "time-outs" in her crate until she settles down – and you are right, for whatever reason, the biting happens when she gets over-wound up. Luckily, I think she will grow out of this phase as she gets older and mellows out some, but I want to be sure to work on it too and not leave it to fate!
    Yes, they are a bit odd…though with Marly, it took me almost two weeks to figure out why her blanket smelled so bad in the mornings, so I give them the benefit of the doubt on that matter. And it turns out that the TV and lights thing was a combination of the electricity going out here and my boyfriend not turning the outside lights on when he took the dogs over to his house. (Mostly I think I was just really pissy the other night and everything got me irritated even more.) 😉
    And I am not sure I have told you this yet, but Teulu is adorable!

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