Marly: 3 Months Old

Well, okay…I am a week late. So sue me.

Marly hit the three month old mark last Saturday. Today we hauled her into the vet for her monthly check-up and shots along with Bonnie & Clyde for their last Feline Leukemia shots. Marly weighed in at just under 27 pounds. This means that she weighs more than double what she was four weeks ago and is now over half as heavy as Sadie is. Yikes!

Overall vet says she is healthy. We have been having soft stool issues – not to the point of having accidents in the house, so really I am chalking it up to the fact that our kid eats paste (any and everything goes in her mouth and is usually digested unless we can catch it right away). The doc, though, wanted to rule out some tummy bugs that puppies can get so she is on some medicine for a week or so.

And because I have been neglectful of shooting photos of my other critters…here is Clyde 'helping' me while I worked on Friday. He makes a very snuggly paperweight!

I finally got all the bird photos onto my computer so one of these evenings I might actually get through some of them and pick some for you all to see. But, for now, I am headed off to bed…hope everyone's having a good weekend!


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