So far, so good…

Last night with Marly in the kennel that is in my bedroom went very well. In fact, I think she would have made it all night if I hadn’t had to get up to go to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning (yes, pun intended). There was just a little fussing right before I turned out the lights – probably she wanted to be ON the bed with me. I have been bad in the evenings the past couple nights and have had some snuggly sessions on the couch while I am finishing up a movie before bed or something of that sort. Marly will get up on the couch with me and stretch out lengthwise on top of me…which of course, will only be doable for a short while longer before she squashes me.

We are going to move forward with the bedroom nights and see what happens.


Today I got the yard cleaned up…I dumped the old roots/soil from the potted veggies down the hill and packed up the smaller pots. The two largest pots had broken this summer so they will go out with the trash in the morning. Then I weeded the front planter beds and pulled up the spent moss roses. I also trimmed back the dead portions of the clematis vines. Hopefully the roots are still good and they will come back next year. If not, I will plant new ones and try again with hopes that it will be a better (wetter) summer. The holly bushes all wait until late winter to get trimmed back.

It looks a million times better out there now. My last project is to hunt down three maple trees and get them planted. We’ll see. It is looking like that might have to wait until spring now.

Marly hung out with me in the backyard on her new tie-out. It was a blast…the lead is long enough she can get almost everywhere so she isn’t feeling left out. And then we played some fetch, which worked really well by starting her out as far as the lead would go on one side and then letting her run after the ball all the way to where it reached across the yard.

The down side of the day was getting a fire ant caught in my sweat pants. It stung the living daylights out of my right leg…I almost yanked my pants off right there in the yard before I calmed down enough to get into the kitchen and do it there. (Note: My yard is about the farthest thing from private that you can get.) Once I got some rubbing alcohol put on my leg I went back outside, only to accidentally step on the little black and white kitten’s tail and have him scratch the same leg. This time I had on shorts. Cest la vie…

Then the pups both had their baths – lord only knows what Marly got into out in the yard, but she smelled like rotten cabbage. Sadie was in need of one just in general. And now they are both snoozing in their respective places in the living room. It is about time for me to go roust the little one so she can burn some more energy before it is really bedtime.

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