Do you take cream in that?

A Vox neighbor’s post this morning reminded me of something I have been meaning to write about…though it is completely unrelated with the exception of it involving caffeine.

Marly is a coffee lover. And I am not talking just sniffing at the cup and maybe taking a taste when I am not looking. I am talking about full-on gulping, lapping madness even with me sitting right there – if she can get at my cup. It is entirely my fault. I hadn’t realized just how tall Marly had gotten and that she can easily get up at things on my desk here now. The other day I had left the office to get something to eat and when I came back there was coffee spilled all over the corner of my desk. I assumed Marly had been trying to reach things up here with her paw and had knocked it over. That was, until I saw her.

I was sitting at my other desk when I heard one of the dogs lapping…the sound they make when they are in their water dish…except there is no water dish in the office. I looked over and there was Marly schlurping away at my coffee. It explained her insane behavior that day – before witnessing the desperate intake of caffeine, I was starting to believe my puppy had been possessed.

There have been several times since then that I have caught her eying my coffee, whether up here on the office desk or on the coffee table in the living room. I have even caught her scavenging…sniffing around the usual areas that she might find my coffee cup, just checking to make sure I haven’t accidentally left it unattended somewhere.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

In other Marly (and Sadie) news…starting in a couple weeks we will be trying out puppy daycare. Now that Marly is old enough, during my work trip days they will both go hang out with other puppies and dogs (and people). They will get a “nature walk” once during the day, fed twice, and potty breaks throughout. And it is cheap (comparatively speaking vs. my pet sitters coming several times a day)! We will see how it all goes. This place also does overnight boarding which may be what I do for some of my longer trips depending on Neil’s work schedule.

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