Bandit, Marly, & LIfe…

Well, Bandit (formerly known as the little black and white kitty) has joined the ranks of Those Who are Allowed Inside the House. After talking with my mom yesterday and having her tell me that if she were in the situation with a darling kitten who had adopted her and who was cold and wet and desperately wanted to come into her house that she would probably let him, I did. So far so good…as long as he doesn’t pee anywhere in here but the litter box he will get to be an indoor/outdoor kitty.

He adores Sadie and follows her around the house trying to snuggle up to her and sleep with her. Sadie really isn’t sure what to make of it, so I don’t think she got much sleep last night. He is very sweet and loves to be pet, but he doesn’t really seek out the human companionship. Today he made himself at home in Marly’s crate.


Oh, and for you other pet owners out there reading this…those fleece throw blankets are the best (you can see them on the chair and in the crate here)! I picked them up at Target – on sale they were around $7, I think they are around $10 regularly priced. I found them on an end-cap display in the bedding department. Machine washable and dry-able and they are standing up well to the puppy’s chewing. They came in brown, red, and a sort of sage green color and are the perfect size.

This afternoon Marly goes in for her last round of puppy shots. I am hoping they knock her out some so tonight and tomorrow are a little more mellow. This morning she has found some new source of puppy energy that has had her going nonstop and getting into all sorts of trouble (dumping the water fountain, eating my hair bandanna thingy, chewing on throw pillows, chewing on slippers – my fault for leaving them too low, chewing on kitties…anyone else see a trend here?). My guess is that she is starting to teethe – I have no idea when puppies usually start that, but just in the last day or two she has really kicked up the chewing.

I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done yesterday (online). Most of it should arrive this week or next so I can get it wrapped up and shipped out before the last minute. YAY! Tonight Neil and I are going to go get a tree so I can work on getting that decorated this week. This weekend I hope to get lights up on the house. Unfortunately, my house has vinyl siding so I am not sure I am going to be able to put lights up along the roof peaks where there is no gutter to clip them to. We’ll see. Maybe I can improvise something that will work.

Right now I ought to be vacuuming. Maybe later.

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