A/C in December?

December 1st and I had to turn the air conditioning back on today. It was mighty toasty outside with very little breeze and my house just got way too hot even with the windows open.

Neil and I got the lights up on my house today. They look really pretty. My goal for tomorrow is to finish the lights on the tree and get it decorated. Once that is done there will be pics.

Marly is being a pill. Her new favorite thing (besides trying to eat the tree still) is chasing the kitties. Once she gets them cornered somewhere she likes to give them lots of sloppy kisses and chew on them a little. Needless to say, the kitties aren’t all that fond of her attentions. Aside from that, she is starting to grow up – of course, we haven’t hit the “terrible twos” which usually start at around 6 months. We’ll see how things progress. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she will skip that stage?

Tonight is me time and movies. Hopefully sleep will be less elusive than it has been lately when that time comes.

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