Well, my worst Christmas fear has come true (I think)…I am pretty sure Marly zapped herself while chewing the extension cord for the Christmas lights. Luckily, when I found the cord (and the skittish pup) the cord had been pulled out of the wall. Aside from circling wide around the tree now, she seems to be OK. I will keep an eye on her and take her into the vet tomorrow if she is acting at all funny. (Of course, I will find the emergency place if something happens that needs attention sooner.)

So, there goes the $7 I just spent today on the extension cord. Have I mentioned how much I hate putting lights on the tree. Next year, I might…just might…resort to purchasing a pre-lit artificial tree. And then I will have several “live” wreaths in the house to make up for the missing tree scent. We’ll see. This year has been about the last straw…maybe it would be different if I had family coming or I was throwing a party, but as it is, if it is just me then really what’s the point of this much effort?

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2 thoughts on “Electro-Marly

  1. Hoiw is Marley doing now? Have you though about getting either diodes that are solar powered and just sit in the tree, or, use duct tape to tape down the extension. Teulu still chews up wierd stuff when he gets nervous. Today it was Ramen noodles, so not very harmful….
    I think it' great you have a tree for you! I have never ever had my own tree, it seemed too much hassle, but several Christmases that I had to work, I felt really un-Christmassy (Last year for example!!!)
    I'd love to see A pic of Marley AND the tree…

  2. Thanks for asking! (I really ought to post an update…) She is doing just fine. Her fear of the tree lasted all of about 4 hours – just until I got the ornaments hung and she decided they looked like fun. Luckily, I was smart and hung the plastic balls and fabric ones down low and the glass ones up high so she wouldn't cut herself if she got ahold of one. Mostly now, though, they have lost their new-ness and she leaves it all alone. She does still try to eat bits of the tree itself though. 🙂
    I almost always try to have a tree, and I complian each year about putting lights on it, but I always love it when it is done. Last year I didn't have a tree because I was back home until just a couple weeks before Christmas. So, this year is my first tree in my new home! Working Christmas is no fun…I have a lot of respect for health care providers, law enforement, armed services, etc around this time of year. (OK that didn't quite sound right…I respect what they do all year, but I admire the dedication it takes to make it through the holidays away from family and friends.)
    I am working on the photo. I have some alright photos of just the tree, but I would like to get one with Marly and Sadie next to it. I think I got a photo of my kitty Clyde under it, but there isn't much of the tree in the shot…just his cute face. As soon as I get some taken I will put them up! The stuff that doesn't make it here on Vox is kept over on Flickr too. 🙂

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