Pet food dilemma…

I went into town to purchase cat food today and my nice little specialty pet shop didn't have the large (or the medium) bags of the type of food that I buy. The lady there (who I think is the owner's mother, though maybe she just looks older than she is and is his wife?) was pretty useless in telling me when, if ever, they would be getting more in. They also didn't have the canned food for Sadie – same brand. So now my dilemma is this…do I wait around and give them yet another chance to get a better handle on their stocking, or do I hunt for another store that sells my brand? This isn't the first time they have been out of food at their store. In the meantime I did grab a small bag of the cat food because I was completely out.

I feed the animals Nature's Variety. I got hooked on it after reading good things from a gal in my neighborhood here and then doing some more research on it. I was happy with Solid Gold's food, but with the Nature's Variety I feed the animals less and the cost per pound is about the same. Sadie wolfs down her food and her poops have finally been really consistently firm (she always had problems with random bouts of the runs in the past). The biggest problem will be finding another retailer that carries the brand. We'll see what happens.

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4 thoughts on “Pet food dilemma…

  1. Maybe you can order it from Amanda and Andrew?
    Or I find now that I can order groceries from Voila, pet food at your door, now you can order the 50 pound bags and not have to carry them!
    I know your pain though. with all the moving, I switched Teulu off his more expensive food to Iams, Iams has a consistent ingredient list and its available everywhere, I know it isn't the best, but he already has a wonky stomach…so.
    Sounds like you have not had any more tree mishaps?

  2. I am definitely checking with them if I end up having to order it/ship it from somewhere! 🙂
    I know how it goes with the wonky tummies…Sadie's has always been extra sensitive (along with her skin) which is why she rarely gets treats of any kind and why I fork over a ton of cash for some really nice aloe vera doggy shampoo. And no, no more tree mishaps thus far with Marly. In fact, the past few days she has been a very good puppy. Just one shoe incident that wasn't destructive, just naughty.

  3. Nature's Variety is outstanding food – that's what we feed Haven and Beacon. Once we get our website up and running, you'd certainly be able to order from us. Hopefully we'll have that working by January.

  4. YAY! I am always down to support folks I like. In fact, it was Amanda's post about the food that got me looking into it. I am also a big fan of online ordering/shopping. With all the travel I do during the week, it is nice to have the essentials arrive at my doorstep whenever possible to reduce the number of errands I have to go run.

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