Whatta week…

Bah. I got back yesterday from Florida and now have a nice cold taking hold of my head. It has been in the upper 70’s low 80’s (both here and in Florida) all week and now tomorrow they are calling for a high of 45!?!? This weather has got to stop!

Northeast Florida was alright…I was right by the beach so that was nice. It has been awhile since I have been to the ocean (either one). I get to go again for a day next week down in Myrtle Beach.

Marly survived her first kennel stay with flying colors. After well over a year now, I still can’t get over how inexpensive things are here compared to back in Seattle. I boarded both dogs for two nights, three days for $80. Which included the daycare romping and such during the days as well as several walks and getting fed their own food. It would have cost me close to twice that much back in the NW. The best part is that my pet-sitter also does pet-taxi service so on days like yesterday when I wasn’t scheduled to get in until 5pm and the kennel closes at 5:30, someone can still pick them up! (Neil had other obligations this week as well.)

Both pups came home and slept hard yesterday evening, but Marly was still up at midnight and again at 5:30 (which is her new morning wakeup time). Ugh. Andrew or Amanda, maybe you can answer this since I can’t find anything regarding it online…I know most places when I read about potty training and “holding it” overnight they say don’t expect more than a puppy’s age in months plus maybe one in hours for how long they can go before needing to be let out (i.e. 4 month old puppy can hold it on average between 4-5 hours). When does this rule of thumb stop holding as true? six months? or is it closer to a year? My concern is that she is simply getting into a routine of habit and doesn’t necessarily have to go out…but then again, I also tend to forget howyoung she still is due to her enormous size (she will be 5 months old next weekend and is easily around 50 pounds – and is not fat)! When I do take her sometimes she will make a big pee, sometimes not, sometimes she has to do #2, sometimes not. I am sure I am just over worrying and over thinking all this, but more than anything, I would LOVE to sleep through the night once again someday soon.

I hate iTunes. Or maybe it just hates me. It always locks up, doesn’t want to run or load right and in general is just a pain in the rear on my computer. This is my justification for wanting an iMac. It would run just fine there. I am sure of it.

Marly is currently being the Best Puppy Ever and is curled up sleeping on the couch on her blanket…no destruction of shoes or the Christmas tree…just being a good dog! Wow!

Alright, enough rambling here. I have work I need to go get done so I can enjoy my afternoon.

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5 thoughts on “Whatta week…

  1. I have less experience with dogs than Andrew and Amanda, but Teulu is just now 1.5 years old. When he was 5 months, I usually got up once in the night to take him out. I would let him out at about 11:00pm ish and then we would et up at 5:00 am, so it seems like Marly is about on the samee track. he's a similar size (now78-82 pounds, lean).
    I wish I had known you were close to Myrtle beach. I'm working just a few minutes over the state line right now. our dogs would have had a blast playing together!

  2. Ahhh that gives me hope…I just keep thinking of her as older than she really is because of her size – it makes me laugh that she already weighs more than Sadie and is not even 5 months! Sadie was such an easy young dog…but then again, I also kept a very different schedule 7.5 years ago! I went out often and stayed out late so I am thinking that my schedule just naturally jived with her middle-of-the-night needs. 🙂
    Actually, I will be in Myrtle Beach next week…but unfortunately just for the day and with work I can't bring the pups. When I am "home" I am here in the Charlotte area (which if I remember correctly is where your 'home base' is too?)…if and when you are out this way you should let me know and we should schedule a puppy play date!

  3. The sleeping through the night thing is hard. Our dogs slept through the night at 4 months. We've had some foster dogs sleep through the night earlier and also later. From what I remember our dogs just started sleeping through the night. Hopefully Marly will do the same and not feel like these middle of the night wakings are part of the routine.
    The one hour per month of age in a way doesn't apply to overnight. Bladders sort of hybernate so you should be able to go longer throuh the night than waking hours. And I tell people that 8-10 months is usually when a dog is good to last an 8 hour work day without someone coming home at lunch to let the dog out.

  4. Thanks! I knew about the sleeping thing, but I wasn't sure if that also applied to puppies or what…but now that I think about it, it makes sense that it does. Yeah, Marly and Sadie both rarely have to go more than a few hours without someone around during the day and the one time I got stuck out longer than that (it was a doctor's appointment where I got to sit in the waiting room for about a lifetime) she did fine but was VERY glad to see me when I finally was able to make it home. She is perfect now about not messing in her crate thank goodness.
    I apprecaite the input! I just keep forgetting how young she really is…I think last night got to be after traveling and with catching this cold. Normally it doesn't phase me too much other than the occassional wondering when she will outgrow needing to get up.

  5. Even Beacon and Haven as adults had to adjust to both of us being gone all day when I started working full time at the store. They were used to some days of my being home and being able to go out frequently. But now I think they're used to having to hold it longer and don't go running to the door to go outside as soon as we walk in.

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