Well, cards are written and will be mailed Monday…presents to be shipped have been. Now, to bake some cookies on Monday and get the “local” presents wrapped and I should be done.

Chloe (with the help of Neil) got me a lovely little candle dish and a scrumptious smelling pomegranate candle. I have already been getting good use of it. The dish is very pretty golden yellow-brown in color…sort of metallic looking. I totally dig it!

I think Mr. Mouser is sick. He is still eating OK though, and is very active so I am not too terribly worried about him. If he isn’t looking better by Monday I will call the vet and make him an appointment. His third eyelids are partially up and he is looking particularly cross-eyed. There had been a toad outside the other day that all the animals took a poke or smell at and I am wondering if my fierce hunter didn’t eat it, or at least try to. Luckily, everything I have read about the toads is that they will make whomever tries to eat them a little barfy and woozy but shouldn’t be deadly. *whew*

OK, back to following Marly around to try to keep her out of trouble. She is suddenly back into eat everything mode (she had been really good for a few days there…I swear!).

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3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. We're working on cards this evening. We still have to get some things for my parents but Andrew's family is done. It doesn't seem like Christmas is in 10 days!

  2. No, it defintiely doesn't. Next week is jam-packed with year end stuff for work and then next weekend we are heading up to Asheville for the weekend and then WHAM. It's Christmas. I do have two presents left to get but they are for local folks so at least I don't have to worry about shipping them.

  3. You got your shipping done like me, on the last day that the PO gaurentees delivery!
    I meant to reply to your earlier post. I'm based out of Ch. Hill. but I haven't been theremuch this year. I really need to consider how long I want to do the traveling thing.

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