Just call me Sucka!

It was already only 29 degrees out at 10pm…Mr. M has been sick. So, I let him inside. We shall see how he does tonight, but it was simply too cold out to leave him there even with his little house and blankets and such. The low is expected to reach into the teens the last I looked.

So far he is a dear and has come right back to his favorite hangout…draped across the desk just between me and the keyboard.

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2 thoughts on “Just call me Sucka!

  1. So far so good…a little cat spatting took place over the food dish, but nothing major. And there don't seem to be any accidents. And he snuggled with me on the bed all night long! 🙂 That is always a big plus with me.
    His eyes seem to be clearing up and his little sneezes are MUCH less frequent. I called the vet and the soonest non-emergency spot they had was Friday, but after describing his symptoms they weren't too concerned either…but did say they were glad I had brought him inside and that it will help speed healing.

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