Marly just ate the nose off my childhood teddy bear. 😦

She has finally hit her terrible tot stage…he has been a holy terror today. This is about the same age Sadie was when I got her, and this stage is about all I remember of Sadie’s puppy-hood. In fact, the main memory I have is thinking that I was going to kill her. I hope that Marly gets through this stage faster than Sadie did…at least I do see signs of a very sweet, mellow dog beneath all the insanity. I don’t remember seeing any of that in Sadie until she was almost 2 years old!

Mostly, today has just been a Bad Day and I am sure Marly hasn’t been much worse than usual, it just feels that way.

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2 thoughts on “Argh.

  1. Hang in there.
    Teulu is almost 2 and he is starting to finally be in a room with me without trying to constantly climb in my lap. It's great. Unfortunately, with the packing and moving, he has developed some anxiety…and I'm at work now scared he's eating the couch!

  2. *laugh* I guess it has been tough for me to revert back to puppy-hood, especially with as good as Sadie is now (at 7 and a half years old!). I hope he gets past his anxiety and settles back down – Sadie went through that with my big move out here. She ate her way out of two metal kennels and ate one set of blinds in the new house…but now she is OK again. Thank goodness!
    Mostly it was just a really bad day – things have been good toay (so far)!
    Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and then a safe move to the SW!

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