Radom tid-bits…

I still have a monster of a cold…about half way through the seven days now and it is blazing full bore. Hopefully this means that it will all be getting easier from here on out. Today has consisted of fever, sinus pain like I haven’t had in ages, and of course, it is moving right on into my chest. Lovely hacking…though, thankfully, no sore throat yet…just a nasty, awful cough. And wheezing to go with it – I feel like I have smoked six packs (and I don’t smoke).

Marly isn’t liking my lack of energy and has been particularly trying – she is back to trying to swim in the water dish, eating my Kleenex, mauling the cats, and chewing on the wall. Thankfully, I think she is getting close to being housebroken. She does tell me when she needs to go – however, once she tells me there is no grace period, she means NOW. I have learned that the hard way twice…now I know better. Sadie is her usual sweet self and has been snuggling with me on the couch.

All the cats are outside enjoying the 65 degree day we are having – especially after the rain most of the day yesterday. I am not complaining though, we desperately need the moisture and I hope more is on the way.

At least in my sluggishness I have managed to get some laundry done. Now I think I will got put in another load and try to take a nap…Marly insists on getting up at 7am (which really isn’t bad, all things considered), but she does nap for great lengths during the day – so now is my chance, before the evening play session.

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2 thoughts on “Radom tid-bits…

  1. Hang in there, if it lasts over the 7 days, probably time to hit th good doctors for a z pack or something…not that I should encourage antibiotic use or anything…
    65 degrees. jealous rears! Here is was 38 when I went running. Not too fun, I'm still camped out in front of the woodstove, with a blanket.

  2. Thanks! Lost of fluids, various cold meds & Tylenol, and sleep…if the stupid fever would break I know I would feel a billion times better. It is 73 degrees in here and I am freezing. I HATE that. lol
    Not fun at all! Hopefully, you have a good book to read or some good movies to watch while you camp out. 🙂 By the way, the photo of you and your nephew is really darling.

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