2008 Projects

These are not resolutions because I already know that there is no guarantee that any of them will be accomplished to the degree that I would like this year, though I do hold hope for several of them…extenuating circumstances (life) is already destined to get in the way, particularly in the budget department.


1. Painting – I do hold hope for this one because it is one that has already remained unfinished for most of 2007. Even if it takes me all year, I will complete all my unfinished rooms. Once they are complete, I will then move onto the rooms that have not yet been started.

  • guest room (touch up patched areas)
  • guest bathroom (touch up patched areas)
  • office (paint ceiling, touch-up walls)
  • dining room (third coat)
  • master bathroom (paint)
  • master bedroom – stain dresser (painting is done)
  • entryway/hallway (touch-up patched areas)
  • living room (paint)
  • kitchen (paint)

2. Landscaping – This one I hold less hope for because of #1. The painting and interior takes priority…if I have time here and there I will work on small chunks of the yard. The only ‘must do’ for this project is to get the maples planted toward the end of Feb to mid-March (depending on weather). The yard and the house needs the shade as soon as possible and even the quick growing maples will take several years to produce enough to make a difference. Also, I am aiming to get a path of sorts cut through the brush down the hill to gain access to the creek that runs down there. If i get really lucky in February and March, I also hope to get the weed insanity under control in the gully along the fenced part of the property line…it will keep my neighbors happy and will make it much easier for me once I do get the time to work on some real landscaping.

  • maples (plant)
  • path (clear)
  • gully (clear, remove builder’s errosion fence)
  • patio (install minimum of grill area, expand entire patio)

3. Garage – If I can find the necessary help and fundage, I hope to get the garage insulated. Ideally, I would like to get it drywalled too, but that would be a project I would hire out…along with the installation of at least two more sets of electrical outlets.

  • insulate (DIY w/ help)
  • drywall (have installed)
  • electrical outlets (have installed)


4. Photography – Neil has agreed to work with me on a 52 week project (instead of a 366 day one). It is much more realistic for my current schedule (and his). I intend to add to this a monthly “Day in Life” (DIL idea stolen from my Vox and Flickr friend, Amanda). I am sure there will be other random batches of photos since I intend to seriously continue working on my photography skills, but I am not scheduling any of them.

5. Cooking – I am going to make a concerted effort to cook at least one real meal a week. No promises that it will always happen, but I enjoy cooking immensely and am hoping that by getting back into it, that it will offer some relief from the stress that is ahead with travel and work.

6. Health/Animals/Sanity – I am going to try to get out with the dogs for a daily walk (each day that I am actually home)…no less than 20 minutes aiming for 45 minutes to an hour. The dogs really need it in addition to our  daily play sessions (which are many!) and I need it. I am not making any real weight loss goals, but I am hoping that between the daily walking and cooking for myself more often that it will have some positive effect in that area as well. This, however, is going to be a real challenge in the summer – I have a hard time tolerating the heat and humidity here (as des Sadie…we’ll see how Marly does, though she is already showing major signs of being a water dog which will help her immensely), so we’ll see how it goes.

I guess that about covers it. Wish me luck…

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4 thoughts on “2008 Projects

  1. Good luck with your list! It doesn't look impossible. I don't think anyone noticed that I didn't do a DITL in December! It was the middle of the month and I realized on the 6th that I never took pictures. I'm thinking about doing a weekly photo as well. I want to focus on taking quality pictures rather than having the feeling of having to take a photo if one didn't come naturally. And there were quite a few days when that happened. I hope that your work schedule turns out to be less stressful and frazzled than it sounds.

  2. You're list sounds exactly like the one I wrote last night before falling asleep. Painting was at the top of my House Projects (as half of my bedroom is done, my guest bathroom looks like the sun threw up on it, and my kitchen could be mistaken for granny's lace panties), cooking and healthy, physical stuff with my dogs was on there too. 🙂
    I'm going out to buy new leashes and collars today. Usually if I invest money into something, I feel more motivated. lol.

  3. Thanks! I don't think it is impossible, but knowing myself and at least for January and February my work schedule, I wanted to make a list that was realisitic. Some of the yard and garage stuff may not happen simply due to a very tight budget this year (additional doggie daycare costs are eating up my home improvment funds – it will be better next year when Marly is older).
    Yeah, that was our goal with the weekly photo thing – we wanted to work on taking some really quality photos and practice technique and such, but I also sort of want to document the year, so I figured a monthly DITL photo shoot would be a good, doable addition.

  4. *laugh* That sounds like my living room and my office…I have never gotten around to the ceiling in the office here and there is a wall that is truly half done in the living room. Very embarassing when I have company over!
    Marly (the puppy) just got spayed today so the dog walks will be starting in anther week and a half or two. I am the same way with investing in something monetarily. Marly gets a new collar next week and they both got new leashes not long ago!
    Good luck with your own house projects! If and when mine ever get done I will be putting some photos here as proof. 🙂

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