Marly becomes an ‘It’

Marly went to the vet to get spayed today. She also got micro-chipped and they clipped her nails while she was still sedated. She now weighs in at 57 pounds at 21 1/2 weeks old – 5 and a half months for you normal people.

Right now she is so sad that she has to stay in her crate and can't chase the kitties or romp with Sadie. I also think she is starting to hurt a little which makes me feel terrible because she can't have any of her pain meds until tomorrow morning.

She did fabulous with the surgery and her dinner and water this evening stayed down which is also good. It was rather funny when I went to pick her up…she was sniffing around at everything and never even noticed me until she was right up to me and sniffed my foot. All of a sudden her tail started to wag wildly and she finally looked up and licked my hand. Silly drugged doggy! The gal who brought her out was going to help me get her into the truck since I didn't think she would be able to jump into the back, but as soon as I opened the door she made the most perfect little leap right into the back and then sat and just looked at us. She also jumped right out when we got home before I could stop her. I think that is all the jumping she'll be doing for the next week or so!

I took a sick day today and slept…forever it seemed like. After taking Marly to the vet at a very early hour, I crawled back into bed and didn't come back out until lunch. Then I ate, watched a movie, and went back to bed until almost 3pm when I had to get myself together to go pick up the puppy. I had forgotten how quiet and restful a house without a puppy can be! However, I am happy she is home safe and sound, but it was much needed sleep. This cold is in my chest now and I can hear myself wheeze when I breathe. I just hope I can kick the worst of it before I have to fly on Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Marly becomes an ‘It’

  1. I'm glad Marly's surgery went well. Good luck keeping her as calm as possible for at least a few days. We've had some foster dogs that want to go back to running right away and some we haven't been able to really stop. As long as the surgery site doesn't start oozing or bleeding she should be fine even with some activity.And hopefully you feel like a new person after getting some much needed sleep.

  2. Thanks! I do feel a billion times better. Still cold-ish, but not so much like death warmed over.
    So far so good with Marly just chilling out in her crate. Later she will get some of her pain medication which I am hoping will knock her out again (that is mean sounding isn't it)…what I mean is, for her own good, I hope it helps her rest. If I can just get her to hang on until the weekend then the incision will have had a good three days to start healing and I will be less worried about some romping around the house. Sadie had a major incident when she got spayed with pulling most of the outer incision wide open on the second day – dealing with that mess again is my motivation to tolerate the whining.

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