Update…mostly just rambling

HOME: My mom and sister are coming to visit at the end of February for my birthday (and for my mom’s birthday too!). I can’t wait! It will be my sister’s first visit to North Carolina and my mom’s second. Of course, it takes visitors to spur me into completing the unfinished projects around here…and now time is running short so I am getting a bit frenzied. (There will be a “to-do” list to follow so I can try to keep track of what needs doing!) Mostly the place needs a good scrub-down and decluttering.

ANIMALS: Marly is growing up. She is still very much puppy and gets into trouble often (my fault mostly for not paying attention to where she is and what she is chewing on). However, she is starting to show that she knows she is going to get in trouble for things like getting up on the counter to eat the kitty food, chewing on mommy’s shoe laces or tags her clothes, and being in the kitchen. This gives me hope that someday she won’t just acknowledge that these are naughty things, but that she will also stop doing them. A friend and I were going to take the dogs to the park today, however, I think all the rain that we missed over the past year is falling in the past/next 24 hours. My yard is flooded…even Marly the water dog doesn’t want to spend much time outside when going potty. I think it is because now instead of just fun puddles, the whole yard is squishy and slippery. And the rain is falling hard…she isn’t used to that.

PHOTOGRAPHY: So, as you can all see, I have not started any of the photography projects that I was planning on. Being that today is Feb 1, maybe today is a good day to get going with it. Neil took a seminar in Atlanta this past weekend and had a good time, got some great photos, and was inspired to buy lights. Ha! That is so far out of my league it makes me laugh. However, it is surely nice to have someone who knows what they are doing with the basics around to help li’l old me. He also asked me a great question…one I have been pondering since I bought my camera…what do I want to shoot? I mean of course there is the everyday stuff that I do – pets, life, etc. But for real shooting what do I want to focus on and learn? My answer: structure/industry and some macro stuff. I love architecture, urban and rural decay, trains and planes, etc…but I am no good at capturing any of that in a still photo. So I guess at least now I have a bit of direction? A goal? My real problem right now is that though I ‘get’ the terms, the ideas behind aperture and shutter speed, I struggle greatly with applying any of that knowledge. I know practice makes perfect, but I struggle with where to even start. I think this Spring, once I have gotten into some sort of routine with work travel, I am going to enroll in a photography class so that I can get some hands-on classroom learning.

Not much else happening here…I guess I ought to get started on some of the decluttering since there is no way I can get any real cleaning done until the “stuff” is put away.

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4 thoughts on “Update…mostly just rambling

  1. *laugh* Feel free to swing on by if you have a moment or two to spare. 😉
    And thanks! It is wearing, but it also pays the bills, puts kibble in the critter dishes, and funds the house projects. So, all in all I suppose things could be much worse.
    Also, I am glad to hear you are finally feeling better! Good luck with your running stuff – I think if you just take it steady and easy you will catch right back up before you know it.

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