Clyde is missing…

I haven’t wanted to write this because it makes it too real…but Clyde is missing. I am feeling terribly guilty about it since I put him outside before I left for work on Tuesday (he gets really, really antsy couped up in the house for multiple days at a time and since I wasn’t sure if I would be staying the night in the town I was in I thought it would be better for his sake – he sleeps in the cat house on the patio with the heated bed in it…trust me, outside is not terrible for him – under normal circumstances.)

He has gone for a day or so before…I assume he goes off to hang out with his girlfriend whom I have seen around here at times too. (They are both fixed, don’t worry readers.) But when he didn’t come home Wednesday…and then we didn’t see him at all yesterday…

I feel like an awful kitty mommy. I really hope that he has just wandered farther from home than normal and is having trouble finding his way back, but my gut is telling me that a wild animal somewhere may have gotten a hold of him.

This afternoon I will be putting up fliers and calling local vets and shelters…I will also be notifying Home Again which is the company he is micro-chipped through. Unfortunately, I am not sure that places around here automatically scan animals that come in to see if they are micro-chipped…we’ll see I guess.

In other news, Bandit is at the vet’s right now getting neutered.

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7 thoughts on “Clyde is missing…

  1. I am so sorry to hear that Clyde is missing. I hope you are right and he just roamed a littler further than the norm. I will keep Clyde in my thought for a safe return.We have indoor cats and one time one of ours managed to sneak out undetected. It was one of the coldest times of that particular winter and we could not find him no matter how much we called him. We live in a rural area so the thought of him being mauled by wild animals was at the forefront of our thoughts for the 2 days he was missing. It turned out that he managed to find a way under the house and was perfectly warm in the crawl space, thank goodness. So maybe Clyde has just found a new place to 'vacation' in, and will be home soon.

  2. Thank you for the good thoughts. I am hoping he is off romping and having fun somewhere too…I just sent out the Home Again lost pet notification, hopefully that will turn up something.

  3. Anne, I hope Clyde comes home again really soon. Most shelters, and vet offices that have the technology scan for the chips these days. Places that don't have the scanners often try to detect if there is one there some other way. Don't feel bad, Teulu isn't even microchipped. I was going to do it, but now since he had such a bad bleeding episode post surgery for neutering, the vet won't….so I just have to hold on to him! I wouldn't feel like a bad kitty Mommy, cats do strange things…

  4. Thanks…and yes, cats definitely do strange things. We actually joke about his sister, Bonnie, being part alien. Ugh…I just feel sick. I have never lost an animal before.

  5. I just thought of something. Once a few years ago, I had a detached room off my house, and I had left the door open, the landlord came by to do something and shut it firmly, unfortunately he locked a neighbour cat inside…the poor cat was in there for at least 3 days before I heard the howling….so perhaps Clyde has been trapped….by an unsuspecting soul…

  6. That is really what I am hoping…there are several homes around here that leave their garages open for their own kitties, but then sometimes shut them. Hopefully he is in one of those garages – and hopefully he will get out soon! This afternoon Marly and I are going to go walking through the neighborhood and I may stop by a couple of those homes on my street to see if anyone is home and/or has seen him around.
    I have checked all my closets and the garage here so I know he didn't get stuck inside the house…I did that to Bonnie once in the coat closet. Luckily Neil heard her and let her out!

  7. Oh no! I hope that Clyde comes home soon. Definitely keep us posted. Hanging up signs will at least alert people to look for him or call if he's spotted.

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