Fat Marly – 6 1/2 months old

_MG_5081, originally uploaded by neilcar.

Oh lordy…now I have become that dog owner too. Marly's growth spurts seem to have some to a screeching halt and the result is this chub you see here. (Neil took the photo while we were at the park yesterday.)

She is six and a half months old and while I know she still has a lot more growing to do, it is also obviously time to start watching her food intake a bit more closely – read: I need to quit giving her so much food! Luckily, she doesn't get much by way of treats, usually just one biscuit around midday and then one when she goes to bed at night (we are still working on the "go lay down" and "go to bed" commands – one is the crate in the living room, the other for the crate in the bedroom). That aside, she gets no people food at all and only on special occasions does she get any additional treats.

Of course there is also plain old exercise, of which we both need more – in fact, today Neil and I are going to buy a Pooch Pass at lunch time that will allow her (and Sadie) access to the county dog parks (which will be free as of July 1, but until then there is a fee which goes to development and maintenance of the parks).

And last, I will put out the disclaimer that this photo really makes Marly look MUCH fatter than she really is…between the way she is sitting and the shadows, she looks like she has no shape at all, but rest assured, I can still feel her ribs and she does have a waist. Her toungue, however, really is that long.

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2 thoughts on “Fat Marly – 6 1/2 months old

  1. Haha! Yeah, I can't either. She is taller and longer than Sadie is now…aside from also being of stockier build. Sadie seems small to me now. It scares me a little that Marly is only 6 months old and still has more growing to do!!

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