Happy birthday to me…

I have been contemplating a laptop for some time now and finally decided that now was as good a time as any to bite the bullet and take the plunge. I have been feeling rather low lately about this upcoming birthday (as stated in a previous entry – not for the typical reasons), so what better way to lift my spirits than with a little retail therapy?

The story goes, I was ready to do this little shopping trip on Monday. Once I decide on something…well…I want it NOW. Waiting is rarely an option that makes me happy, however, upon Neil’s suggestion, I waited. Why? Because Apple was rumored to be getting ready to update their laptops this week! The great thing about Apple  (that I did not know until I asked Mr. N about it. OK asked isn’t really the right word…I wanted to know why exactly upgrades was a good reason to wait.) is that they don’t jack their prices up upon the arrival of their latest upgrades. Nor do they put the older models on some sort of super clearance sale. Instead, you just walk into the store like any other day and get the latest technology they have to offer. And here I thought they were so great just because of their minimalist packaging!

So, I waited…and lo and behold, the rumors were true! The announcement and arrival of the pretty new things was yesterday. And thus, I picked Neil up after he was off work and we went to the mall.

Meet Mockingbird…the latest addition to my growing flock of Apples:

You will notice that Raven is there charging as well. The bird names all started with my iPod that I named Magpie because it was pretty and shiny. Then came Raven (the iPhone, named thus because of the blackness of the screen) and Myna (the AppleTV – because it repeats whatever is recorded and played from it). I don’t have a good reason for Mockingbird, other than it just sounded right.

Now I am desperately trying to not spend all day goofing off on the pretty new toy. I must get this house straightened and cleaned before my mom and sister get here. It isn’t like I will have time tomorrow morning – thier flight gets in at 6:00am! So, back to the drudgery…

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4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me…

  1. First of all happy birthday a day early. I hope you enjoy spending time with some family. Do you have some time off work? I also hope that you're feeling better.
    I'm sorry that Clyde still hasn't made an appearance. I wonder about him from time to time.
    And finally, awesome new addition. I like your bird names.

  2. Happy irthday!!!!! I hope things get to being just dandy for you!!!
    I am sorry about Clyde as well…Perhaps whomever locked himintheir garage has now trapped him in their home.

  3. Thank you! I can wait to see my sister (and my mom)! And yes, I started my vacation time yesterday so that I could get things done around here before they got here…this weekend wiped me out, but I am feeling a million times better today. Almost human, even.

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