We have trees, yes we do! We have trees…

…how 'bout you?

Yup. Now I am committed to this thing. I got three red maples (Autumn Blaze), six crape myrtles (Acoma – very pretty white), and a euonomous…I forget which variety…evergreen, upright to about six feet tall and about two feet wide. Oh yeah, and three bags of mushroom compost. 
Of course, now they are calling for thunderstorms and rain tomorrow. My hope is that we get a little rain tonight to make digging tomorrow a bit easier and then maybe just some cool overcast weather for at least the first part of the day. We'll see. Then, once these puppies are planted, I go to the big home improvement store with the orange sign and get some edging materials, some paving stones, and work on some of that. Once the edging material is staked in I need to go to the rockery and look at how much red rock I need and what it will cost to have delivered. Heh. That means some other weekend I will be hauling rock. I am not at all looking forward to that task.

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