Well, part of the trees got planted…one of the crape myrtles and the three maples. Then, as I was reheating pizza for lunch, I did a nice job of burning my left hand. the palm side of my thumb, middle, and ring finger are the worst. The rest is just tight and red. The whole thing hurts like hell.

I still have six major holes left to dig in the yard, and I have discovered that the front and side yards are FULL of large rocks. Not quite sure how I am going to manage the rest of the planting, but I will find a way. I also have to dig up and replant the old, half-dead, maple that is in the front yard. Tomorrow, though, my big plans are to go to Home Depot and get the edging materials and also several bags of red rock so I can at least get the old pine straw out of the front yard and finish rocking the existing planting bed. I can do most of that with one and a half (or so) hands…assuming I can get someone to help me load and unload the truck.
On another note, I was starting to get worried because I hadn’t seen Mr. M in awhile. Then it occurred to me that he might have gotten stuck in my garage when I had it open while I was doing yard work yesterday. Heh. As soon as I opened the laundry room door I saw him…curled up sleeping soundly on a pile of dirty clothes. He has been in there since yesterday morning and not once did he make a sound! The dogs never even alerted me to his being in there! I do remember at one point noticing that the door from the laundry room to the garage was open so I went and shut it…I never thought to look for kitties who didn’t belong inside because the neighbor cat was the only one I had seen around and he was out on my driveway at the time.
That’s my news for the day. Now I am off to put more ice on the hand and watch a movie.

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