Yard progress…

Everything that I purchased for the yard, thus far, has been planted…three maples (Autumn Blaze), six crape myrtles (Acoma), three glossy abelia (Edward Goucher), and a euonomous (Greenspire). Most the holes we alright to dig – comparatively speaking. Two of the maples ended up in places where I was simply able to dig a hole. There are areas with a TON of rocks in the clay. The clay itself is heavy, but wasn’t too terrible to dig in.

I had wanted to try to save the half-dead maple that was originally in the front (planted by the builder), but as we were digging it up the trunk snapped and we saw that it was rotting through the middle – hence the dead tree mess at the end of the driveway. We have a yard waste truck that comes on trash day that mulches leaves, branches, etc. Along the lot line there on the right are five of the crape myrtles. They are also very fast growing so in another year or two they should offer a nice screen between my house and the neighbor’s driveway (which is currently the view I have from my bedroom and dining room).

The oak tree in the back yard was completely dead…it hadn’t even rooted itself in so I essentially yanked it right out of the hole by its trunk. The maple that replaced it ended up getting moved a bit farther back from the house and more to the left (when looking out the back door). The old tree was just too close to the house and in a strange spot in the yard. One of the crape myrtles went by the back of the house so it will help shade the patio in the evenings and will be able to be seen out the kitchen nook windows. One abelia went by the front lot corner on the right (near the mailbox) and the other two went on either side of the guest bedroom window…someday when they grow in, they will offer very pretty flowers and some screening so there is some privacy in that room even with the blinds open.
BackyardCrape myrtle - backMailboxLeft side yard

My last project to finish up is replacing all the old pine straw in front of the windows with red rock. Then I am going to tackle some additional hardscaping…I am going to extend my back patio out to each side with paving stones so that the grill can be moved away from the living room windows and there will be more room to sit and relax out there. Once that is done I will be designing and edging all of the planting bed areas and filling them with red rock too. Generally speaking, they will be around the edges of the yard and around the trees.
Maybe next year (or even this fall) I will get around to tilling and reseeding the lawn…we’ll see.

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