Marly – 8+ months old

Well, I finally got around to grabbing some more photos of the Marls and her sister. Marly was 8 months old on March 28. They were romping in the house this past weekend so the photos are not very in focus, but you get a good idea of how HUGE she has gotten (at least in comparison to Sadie, whom I used to consider a 'big dog'). 

That is Sadie's play pose…all stretched out like SuperDog. The green ball there is Marly's favorite. It is a fabulous thing – one of the only toys that she hasn't managed to mangle or destroy yet. (She is a very vigorous chewer.) It has openings on two sides so you can insert treats if you like and the thing bounces wonderfully making it ton's of fun to play with. 

Sadie will usually stand in this spot and grab at Marly and/or the ball while Marls runs laps through the living room and dining room. Occasionally she will stop (like in the photo above) and shove her ball at Sadie to encourage Sadie to play with her. Sadie's legs are getting stiff as she gets older, so she doesn't do too much chasing…but every once in a while I will catch her making a go of it after her sister. 
I spoke with the vet about Marly and her weight because for a while there she was getting really chunky! She is still a bit on the thick side, but the vet said with her growth spurt habits (getting wider and then suddenly getting taller) that I should definitely keep feeding her as much as I currently am. At least until she is 18 months old. 
I joined a couple meet-up groups that I found online – Charlotte Active Dogs Meetup and a Labrador one that is based a little closer to my house. The Labrador one is meeting next weekend at a nearby park so we are going to go check it out…hopefully this will be a way for me to meet some local people that are not tied to Neil* or work. And hopefully the people there won't be a bunch of weirdos. At least the scheduled meet-up thing will be something of a motivator to get me out the door and to the park with the pup. The weekends that I can get Neil to come with me then Sadie will go too, but she just isn't as social with other dogs as Marly is or as generally active and will probably be happier just going for her regular walks. Though, she probably would like to meet the other people.
*A bit of clarification on this…right now the only people I know out here in Charlotte are Neil's friends, so I rely on him almost solely for my social life, which I really hate. Don't get me wrong, I think his friends are great and I love spending time with him, but I need a life of my own too (one that happens outside the house!). Since I don't have kids – moms tend to meet other moms through their kids' schools – I figured I could do a similar thing with the dogs. We'll see how it all goes! 

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6 thoughts on “Marly – 8+ months old

  1. Wow! Marly is big!!! How much does she weigh? It doesn't look like Sadie minds the weight difference. I love her frog legs when she's in play mode.
    Good luck and have fun at your meetup! It sounds like a good way to meet other dog people.

  2. I just noticed that my last reply to this didn't "stick". Marly is right around 85 pounds now! Sadie, for comparison, is 50 on her heaviest days – which really means these days she is around 45 pounds. The vets are estimating that Marly will be around 100 pounds when she is fully grown. Yikes!

  3. Yeah, she has that very solid "lab" build with the thick legs. There is definitely nothing dainty about her! 😉 Though, thank goodness she did inherit her mommy's long legs so she shouldn't end up too stocky looking – she is really very long through her torso and her legs keep getting longer and longer too. I am also hoping that the vets are overestimating her weight based on the fact that SO many labs are overweight…once she is done growing here (in another 10 months or so) I will really begin to watch her food intake closely. The biggest problem I think I am going to have with her is that she eats anything and everything in sight! The cat food dish is now kept up on top of a bookshelf that the cats have to climb/jump to get to because it is the only place out of her reach!

  4. People think that our dogs are just a couple of years old when they see them. I think it's because they're active and they're not overweight. I don't know how a fat lab got to be "standard" these days. Marly doesn't look fat at all though, just muscular and built!

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