Dog harness…

Oh and another thing (you all knew I wasn't really done with the last entry, right?)…

I bought Marly a harness yesterday too…actually it is the second one. (The first one got chewed on – nearly all the way through one of the straps. I wonder who would have done such a thing?) It is a dream! The Gentle Leader Easy Walker by Premier. It has a strap that comes across the breast bone with a martingale loop in it that the leash hooks to. So, instead of the work-dog instinct to pull harder with the leash attached to the back of their collar or a harness that has the leash attach on the back, this one, if she pulls, gently tightens across her chest which usually makes her stop right away. If she pulls harder then she ends up turned around and facing toward me because of where the leash is attached. She is such a dream to walk now…I sill want to really work on getting her to the point that we don't need this for her. But until then, it makes everyday dealings with her much easier since she has gotten so big…especially when friends are taking care of her. I don't have to worry that she is going to pull their arms off!

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One thought on “Dog harness…

  1. Sounds like a great idea! We just brought Tia this dog harness and she loves it! Only problen, unlike a cllar it gets very, very dirty!

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