Dog Park

_MG_5268, originally uploaded by neilcar.

We all went to the dog park yesterday. There are several tennis balls that are laying around to throw for the dogs – there is also water available which is fantastic! Marly LOVES to fetch..Neil got some photos taken yesterday that are much better than my recent shots of her.

Unfortunately, we also discovered that kids have to be 12 or older to be in the dog park, so we had to cut our trip short. Luckily, Beth had decided to hang out with the dogs for awhile while Neil and Chloe and I went and ran some errands, so the dogs did get some good play time in. Now we know and next time we will go to the lake where Chloe can be with us too.

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5 thoughts on “Dog Park

  1. I am lucky in that Marly was born here so this is all she has known…poor Sadie though. She still gives me the saddest look when I make her go outside to potty during the middle of the hot days. She looks at me like, "What have you done to me…where ARE we? And when can we go back home?" And it has been almost two years now! *laugh* I am going to invest in a small wading pool for the pups this year.

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