I am sad. I just got the email notice today that Clyde’s HomeAgain microchip service is up for renewal on the 25th. He still hasn’t been found or come home and I am more convinced than ever that a wild animal got him. It is heartbreaking to me. Right now, the ultra-hopeful side of me is contemplating extending his service one more year – “just in case”. But the more realistic side of me says that it would be a waste of money.

I hate this. He should be here.
The last (good) photo taken of him…

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4 thoughts on “Clyde…

  1. Poor Clyde! Where did you get your chip? With ours (and I forget the brand right now) we have the option of paying each year to have the service contact us directly. Or if we don't pay they'll contact the Humane Society, which is where we got the chips put in. Then they go through their records and contact us. If you don't pay would you still have the option of wherever you got the chip contacting you in the event that Clyde is found?

  2. Awww! I'm so sorry! My kitties are microchipped too, but they are indor cats and haven't ever really been outside. I would love to find a microchip with a GPS tracker in it. You know, in case your pet is wandering around in the woods or something….you can find him. 😦
    I hope Clyde will come home soon. 🙂

  3. I got him chipped through the vet, which is also where I got him. One of the doctors there does rescue. She keeps the animals that need special care and adopts out the healthy ones.

  4. Thanks! Yeah, he started out as an indoor kitty but wanted out SO badly that we finally let him. He was doing fine as an indoor/outdoor kitty, but he got out overnight while I was out of town and that is when he didn't come back. 😦

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