And away we go!

This afternoon I will finish planting the three spirea (Bridal Wreath Spirea – they grow in a fabulous arch off of a vase shaped base and get to be 6-7 feet tall and wide when fully grown) that I bought this past weekend. Luckily, for now, I will only need to dig up one little shrub in front of my bedroom window to make way for the spirea that will be going there instead. Eventually, all the shrubs there will be moved, but for now, I absolutely HAVE to get the new plants into the ground.

I did get the vitex planted…it is mounded up a bit higher than the natural ground level so I will need to go get some more soil and mulch this evening and put it down to help hold water and protect the roots until it gets established in its new place.
I am excited…already the plants that I put in the ground earlier this spring are leafing out and looking lovely. If I could just get around to finally edging out the bedding areas and getting some rock ordered and spread, the yard would look really great (despite the lack of lawn). And of course there is also the still looming patio extension project that needs to be gotten to.
Plants first…and then some weeding. Ick.
Oh yeah…any suggestions on how to smother out grass? I would really rather not have to try digging it all up in the bedding areas, an currently we do not have the newspaper so I don’t have any to lay down under the mulch (oooo though I do have plain newsprint left over from my move out here). Anyway, other non-chemical suggestions would be greatly welcomed!

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4 thoughts on “And away we go!

  1. It sounds like your yard is really coming along. We try and add something new each year. My MIL has a lot in her garden so when she's thinning things out we often get free stuff, which is nice. 😀

  2. It is finally getting there! This fall I will start the year long process of growing a decent lawn and then it should be good to go and I can focus on the fun flowers and such next spring.

  3. I don't have any suggestions on the grass. Our grass is more "country" where there are weeds in it. And grass ends up growing in our flower beds if we get behind on the weeding. Weeding is my least favorite yardwork chore.

  4. Hehehe! Yeah, mine is like that too…I may just end up digging up the initial bed areas which is going to be a lot of work/digging, but I think will be the most effective in the long run.

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