Yard update…

Feel free to skip this if you are getting sick of hearing about plants and such.

I finally got the last small holly bush moved up by the mail box. I replanted the large holly bush that I had dug up the other day over by the storm drain between my house and Tommy’s house. I weeded the majority of the planting area by the mail box. I went out and found a new clematis and some portulaca and got them all planted in the front walkway bed. I also found a new card reader while I was out. I did some weeding around some of the other bushes. And I have done two loads of laundry. All before 10:00am on a Saturday.
This evening I am hoping to start getting the edging installed around the planting bed areas. Right now, it is already getting too warm out to do much more real work outside. I just hope that it doesn’t rain until later in the day tomorrow so that I can get out to get more gas and then get the lawn mowed. We’ll see.
I think I am going to wait until fall now to move the five larger holly bushes that are in front of the windows. Or at least until I get the red rock ordered and spread. I also want to be sure to get the patio done before I mess much more with moving and adding any more plants.
It is getting there…it is actually starting to look like a real yard. Once the rock is down it will really help make it look more “finished”. Then this fall I will focus on the lawn.
There will be photos coming one of these days.

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