Water woes…

Argh. The water main coming off of the city meter is leaking yet again. The plumber came out around two weeks ago and re-crimped the connection which seemed to work at the time, but this evening while I was out in the yard (again) I noticed that it was once again sopping wet around the meter box. And seeing as how it was not that way this morning while I was out working in that area it looks like the plumber will have to come back out. I did check, and it isn’t leaking fast enough to be turning the meter which is good. I sent another email to the builder and will call them tomorrow afternoon if I haven’t heard back from them by then.

So frustrating. It seems to me that they may just have to redo that connection there. I don’t know anything about plumbing, but that would be my first/easy solution to the problem. We’ll see what happens. Thank goodness it is still under warranty!
Also, I am somewhat worried about the vitex and may dig it up and replant it. It was terribly root-bound in the pot and I am not sure if I got the roots loosened enough for it. I think I might also plant it just a bit deeper so that it is easier to get water directly to the rootball while it gets established.

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