Ceramica Bitossi – Rimini Blu by Aldo Londi

concentricity, originally uploaded by amcoop.

Wow! So, I was just flipping through the latest Crate and Barrel catalogue when I came across a bowl and vase that look exactly like this plate I inherited from my grandparents. Bitossi is reissuing items from their Rimini Blu line.

Of course, I then had to do some more research…it turns out I own one of the original pieces from the Rimini Blu collection designed by Aldo Londi for Ceramica Bitossi of Italy. The line came out in 1953 which would have been within a year or so of when my grandparents acquired this plate on a trip abroad.

I have always loved it and have great memories of it sitting on their side board in their dining room. It now sits on a glass shelf in my living room. I am highly tempted to bid on a matching vase listed on eBay. (I don’t see any point in paying full price for a re-issued piece when I could get one of the original line for much cheaper!)

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