Marly update:

Well, Marly does have an infection. The doctor, though, was a little wishy-washy as to whether it was actually a UTI or even bladder infection. He said there were a lot of white blood cells in her urine (a sure sign of infection), but there were no crystals or blood (which are commonly associated with a UTI or bladder infection). So, to start off we are on a two week regimen of cephalexin at 2000mg a day. And during the treatment I will keep an eye on her and track her “accidents” if there are any.

The other issue is that though he would love to tell me that the incontinence is caused by the infection (which it still may be), the chances are greater that the two are unrelated. Instead, he really feels that this is the hormonal reactive issue that plagues many spayed female dogs. Essentially they loose muscle control when relaxing or sleeping. Only it generally doesn’t manifest until the dog is 5-8 years old. However, he did say he has seen it before in dogs under a year of age. In fact, one of his own dogs has the same issue that developed at around a year of age. Luckily, he said when it shows this young, it usually is a phase and they will “outgrow” it. Not always though and it will just be a matter of keeping an eye on her and seeing how things progress. To treat it, he will put her on some mild hormone therapy which generally stops the problem all together.
The short of it: right now we are just waiting to see what happens over the next few weeks.
The good news is that she doesn’t seem to be too bothered by any of it. She plays, eats well, and is her general happy-go-lucky self. I will simply be investing in some good waterproof mattress pads and extra laundry detergent.
Edited to add: Marly is officially 87 pounds. Not completely done growing, but thankfully she has slowed WAY down!

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7 thoughts on “Marly update:

  1. I hope that whatever's up with Marly is something that works itself out and isn't an ongoing thing. At least she's happy and doesn't seem to be bothered.
    Man, she's big! She's almost 20 pounds heavier than Beacon! I wonder what he'd think of her since he's the "gotta act like the big dog but am really wussy" type.

  2. Hehe! He would probably be OK with her. Despite her size, she is very much second dog around here. Sadie, as tiny and normally wussy as she is, has held her spot as alpha dog very well. Marly loves to play and will sometimes push too far, but she immediately backs down when given the "smack-down" as I call it here. Unfortunately, she doesn't listen well to the initial warnings and it usually takes some serious snarling and a nip to get through to her. 🙂

  3. One of my big pet peeves about lab owners it that the majority seem to think that a 90+ lab is normal. In Marly's case she is a bigger boned dog so that weight doesn't make her look fat.
    It's cool that Sadie has been able to keep her alpha spot and that Marly (eventually) knows when she is pushing too much.

  4. Yeah. I imagine I am probably on the paranoid side about that with Marly. With Sadie I never had to worry about it because she is such a finicky eater. Heck, my worries there were that she was getting enough food! Now that I have a dog who will eat anything and everything it has given me a whole new outlook. And since she IS so big boned, my other worry is that any additional weight is going to be added stress to her joints, which are already pre-disposed to issues because she is a lab. With Sadie's current joint problems, it too is something I seem to be hyper-aware of.

  5. Glad to hear its an infection. I imagine all will work itself out. I worry about Teulu's weight as well, or I did until he started to lose…I think it would be hard though to regulate food between two dogs. With Teulu he can only eat when I feed him (Rather than free feeding) so I have managed to control the weight that way…

  6. Actually, it hasn't been too bad. We crate trained Marly which has come in really handy. We don't use the crate much (unless I have to leave her alone in the house for awhile, but it is great at feeding time. She eats in her crate and Sadie eats in the kitchen. Sadie is also very protective of her food and won't let Marly anywhere near it!

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