Happy dogs… (photos by Neil)

Yesterday we took the pups to the dog park and then down to the lake for a little water fun before heading back home. Sadie has decided that swimming can be fun with a friend…she followed Marly right on out into the deep water and actually SWAM! She was so proud of herself on the way back to the car – her head was way up high along with her tail and she was prancing. 
Prior to the water, we let the dogs run around and chase some balls at the dog park. Sadie isn't really into chasing balls or even playing with the other dogs. She is pretty much just content with being outside and doing her own thing. I don't know – what do you think? Does that look like a happy dog to you? Hehehe! Unfortunately, Sadie has had a bad case of the runs the past few days. She is still eating (though not as much as normal) and drinking lots of water. I think maybe it is the lake water that has given her an upset tummy. The dogs went to the lake last week as well. I think I might forego letting Sadie swim there again until her system gets back to normal.
Marly loves the water. She is truly the quintessential labrador. From her companion behavior of following me around everywhere and hanging out with me, to the love of water, to the love of anything edible (or non edible for that matter!)…she is definitely all lab! It is too bad that I haven't found a nice secluded beach where I could let her off-leash to go swimming. I am still looking though. There must be one around here somewhere. We also had the displeasure of pulling Marly's first tick off of her. EEEWWWWW! I gave her a pretty good going over to make sure there weren't any more last night and then again today during her bath. Sadie, of course, got checked too. After the baths, both dogs got a new application of Advantix. I had them on a monthly schedule (as in the same day every month), but I think it may be that the stuff was wearing too thin at the end of each cycle, so now they will be on a 4 week cycle. With Marly's thick, dark fur it is really hard to look for/find the darn things, so I just hope the new application of the chemicals will kill any that might have been missed.
Of course, that had me looking at the stuff I use on the cats. Bandit is on Revolution, which is flea and heartwom (and other parasite) prevention stuff…but it doesn't do anything against ticks. I am tempted to switch him back over to Frontline Plus (which is what the other cats are on) that kills fleas, ticks, and chewing lice (edited – Frontline does not kill the mosquitoes…that is a K9 Advantix thing). So now for sure, I will call the vet on Tuesday and ask their opinion as to which is the larger threat/problem for an outdoor kitty around here.
Today was a lazy day of sleeping in and movies (though I did venture out this morning to get the plants watered). Tomorrow, I think will be more of the same with a trip back to the dog park thrown in along with a bunch of laundry. Tuesday morning I leave for VA Beach for work…*sigh* Even the long weekends are not long enough.

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4 thoughts on “Happy dogs… (photos by Neil)

  1. great Photos!!! They bpoth look super happy. Teulu loves the water like marley. I find it extremely difficult to get him to come out, once he is in!! Sounds as if Marly is fully recovered form her urinary issues? And you sound as if you had a nice weekend.

  2. Thanks! Or rather, Neil thanks you. 🙂 I find it difficult to get good photos of them when I am also trying to corral them. Marly will usually come out of the water, but she resists getting back into the car to go home because she still wants to go play. Silly pups!

  3. I love the pictures. The girls are having so much fun! I love our Advantix. We have mosquitoes pretty bad here so I like that it also works on them in addition to ticks and fleas. Hopefully the new doses will get anything that you weren't able to find. I love Sadie's ears in the happy shot. So content. She's like Beacon, although he's totally into fetching. But he'd rather do his own thing than interact with people or dogs. Haven's more of a typical lab happy around people.

  4. Yeah, it has been wonderful with the fleas and mosquitoes…I think the ticks are a bit tougher to kill and probably need a pretty strong does of whatever it is that does them in.

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