New collars…

Again? Yes, again!

With some upcoming scheduling changes and sitter availability, I needed to get the girls collars with the clips that are easier to get on and off. Their daycare removes the collars during the day for safety with all the dogs roping together and such (probably a very good idea since I think Marly has actually eaten one of Sadie’s tags. I found the other tag and the clip on the bedroom floor the other morning – no sign of the license tag though). I have found that the buckle style collars are next to impossible to put back on a dog who is VERY excited to see ‘mom’ and is bouncing all over the place.
Marly has returned to being the green dog. She got a pretty lime green collar that has white daisies with orange centers and dark green stems. The clip and ring are chrome. It is a very feminine collar which is somewhat funny seeing as how stocky and huge she is.
Sadie is still red. She got a fun red collar that has white Hawaiian print hibiscus flowers all over it. Her clip and d-ring are heavy-duty black plastic. Very much her sweet personality. I always remember how good the air smelled in Hawaii because of all the pretty tropical flowers blooming.
Both girls look very summery and cute. I also like the fact that the clip collars are adjustable so I can get the right fit. I have a problem with Sadie, unless the holes are in exactly the right places her buckle collars are usually too tight or too loose fitting. These I can “personalize” to fit just right.

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