Well, it seems that Marly is allergic to fleas…which is why she has suddenly sprung up with an ear infection. Of course, it also doesn't help that she is a lab and loves the water which exasperates the issue. So she is now on prednisone to help with itching and inflammation and she has ear drops that have to be administered to her ear twice a day. (What a treat that will be.) On top of that, I have to clean both ears every other day for the next two weeks.

She is also back on Frontline Plus. Apparently Advantix has a tendency to not work for all dogs. Also, Frontline's claim to fame is that it usually kills fleas before they bite which is important for animals who are allergic. The poor girl is completely worn out from her barrage of examining and cleaning and clipping. They did a very thorough cleaning of her ear for me at the vet and also clipped her nails. I managed to get the first round of drops into her ear when we got home…we'll see how it goes again tonight. At least the pills she will just eat with her food.
The poor kennel staff next week will have to take this on as well. 
Oh yeah, and she has grown again…89.4 pounds (and still not overweight according to the vet this week who was a different doc than last time). *sigh* She is a monster. So now we are on the 89-132 lb Frontline dosage, which is really too bad because now I have to buy separate stuff for Sadie. 

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4 thoughts on “Marly

  1. I feel so bad for her – I hate that there really isn't anything I can do to help her (other than what she thinks is torture her by putting drops in her ear). The prednisone has really worsened the incontinence issues too, so for now, she won't be getting any more of that. Hopefully it will be out of her system soon so I don't have to keep her locked up in her kennel. Right now I just really wish I had an outdoor run for her.

  2. Thanks, Andrew! I think she is definitely feeling better today. Back to her usual romping puppy antics…like squeaking non-stop on her stuffed bone. Sometimes I wish Sadie would get ahold of it and "kill" the squeaker. 😉

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