Prednisone in dogs…

After more online reading and research – I am very glad I only ever gave Marly one of the pills and I will not be giving her any more. I have read all sorts of accounts of major incontinence issues, not to mention the possible ulcer side effects, renal failure side effects, and possible dependency effects Granted, she was prescribed a very limited routine of the drug and it was not haphazardly prescribed – I just think this is where having a group practice vet clinic falls short. If Marly had a single vet, they would know that she already has incontinence issues and (I would hope) would offer up some alternatives, or at least warn me that this is going to make it worse in the short term.

Of course, the other part of me is wondering why the vet didn’t read her records before prescribing anything. I know it was extremely busy (I have actually never seen it that busy before on any day of the week) and that Saturdays are their walk-in day, but still, part of the vet’s job is to have an idea of what their patient’s history is. It isn’t like I could be psychic and do the research prior to going in to the vet so that I know what to tell them…if I knew all that, _I_ would be the vet.
Anyway, I am slightly annoyed by the issues and hope that the prednisone gets out of her system quickly (that is what I am going to be looking up next…see if I can find anything on how long the side effects take to dissipate after the drug is stopped). I am tired of having to keep her crated up (as is she)…her whining and barking is driving me nuts. And I am also tired of doing load after load of dog towels so that she doesn’t have to lay on wet ones for too long.

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