Prednisone in dogs…

After more online reading and research – I am very glad I only ever gave Marly one of the pills and I will not be giving her any more. I have read all sorts of accounts of major incontinence issues, not to mention the possible ulcer side effects, renal failure side effects, and possible dependency effects Granted, she was prescribed a very limited routine of the drug and it was not haphazardly prescribed – I just think this is where having a group practice vet clinic falls short. If Marly had a single vet, they would know that she already has incontinence issues and (I would hope) would offer up some alternatives, or at least warn me that this is going to make it worse in the short term.

Of course, the other part of me is wondering why the vet didn't read her records before prescribing anything. I know it was extremely busy (I have actually never seen it that busy before on any day of the week) and that Saturdays are their walk-in day, but still, part of the vet's job is to have an idea of what their patient's history is. It isn't like I could be psychic and do the research prior to going in to the vet so that I know what to tell them…if I knew all that, _I_ would be the vet.
Anyway, I am slightly annoyed by the issues and hope that the prednisone gets out of her system quickly (that is what I am going to be looking up next…see if I can find anything on how long the side effects take to dissipate after the drug is stopped). I am tired of having to keep her crated up (as is she)…her whining and barking is driving me nuts. And I am also tired of doing load after load of dog towels so that she doesn't have to lay on wet ones for too long.

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5 thoughts on “Prednisone in dogs…

  1. I don't know much about Pred as far as what it does but Vicky's dog that has cancer is on it. So I find it odd that Marly was given it without having something "major" wrong with her. But again, I don't know what it's supposed to do. Vicky has complained about her dog having to go out all of the time. And sometime she complains that her personality is a little different. But she needs to be on the meds because of the cancer. I hope Marly's doing better this morning.

  2. Yeah, I have been reading about the personality thing too. Prednisone is sort of a super-wonder drug that helps with a ton of different situations but with a bevy of side-effects ranging from "I can deal with it" items all the way to "they will kill you" items. It is used for an array of things from immune system disorders to cancer to spinal cord injuries (which is one of its major "wonder-drug" claims to fame in dogs). I can see in an emergency or in dire situations, like cancer, where it is necessary. But it is also very commonly prescribed for allergies due to its anti-inflammatory properties and it is supposed help with itching (though I have read folks talking all over the place about how their dogs were still scratching incessantly even after being on the drug). The biggest problem I have seen as I have been reading up, is that these days vets tend to go straight for the pred instead of exhausting other alternatives that are much safer, such as antihistamines like Benedryl. (Sadie takes Benedryl occasionally with no side-effects other than she sleeps more than usual…my sister has that same problem with it.)

  3. I totally agree with your rants and raves. You should have been told about side effects. And Marly's file should have been looked over to see that she has incontinence issues (so why give her something that will make that worse). It seems like the weekend vets aren't as into things. And that shouldn't be a good excuse. I'd mention something to the regular vet(s) and see what kind of response you get. They should know how you feel and I'd be interested in seeing what they have to say about Marly's file not being looked at (very well at least). A couple of years ago Beacon had some sort of rash or bug bites all over him. We were to give him benadryl. I can't remember if we were given any other kind of prescription meds. We were also given some special shampoo that was to help his skin. Honestly, I don't know if that did anything. Do you have to be more diligent about keeping Marly's ears clean going forward? I use something called Epi Otic (I got my last bottle on eBay I think, I know it was somewhere online) for our dogs. They don't have to have their ears cleaned very often (although Beacon did before he was eating Nature's Variety) but I like how that stuff works. You put it on a cotton ball and just rub around the ears and a little into the ear canal. Beacon likes ear massages so he doesn't mind it too much.

  4. I guess the really concerning part is that the weekend vets are the same vets that are also there during the week – they rotate who works on the weekends. Saturday is just their walk-in day – they don't charge exam or office fees if all you need are routine shots and such, which is really, really nice if that is all you need to go in for. The down-side is that they are usually pretty busy on Saturdays.

  5. That is too bad that one of the regular vets are there on Saturday. It seems like they want to rush more with the day being busier. Again, not a good excuse. I hope you're able to feel better about the office or are able to find a vet that you feel you can ask questions of and where they'll be paying attention to files.

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