Survival and other things…

I survived my dad’s visit. Unfortunately, it was a refresher course on what my sister has to deal with all the time. It wasn’t a bad visit, but it definitely had its moments.

I finally got my photos uploaded from the PhotoWILD! shoot that we participated in last fall. So, to those of you who have me on their Flickr contacts list, sorry for the sudden influx of photos. And for those not on Flickr…you can see the entire set here.
Onslow - Peregrine FalconEmma - Barn OwlIvy - MerlinHoneysuckle - Red-tailed Hawk (partial albino)Mattie - Great-horned Owl

There are more photos to follow shortly…I still have our GA vacation pics and the photos I took when my dad and I went to the Biltmore last week. I figure I should have those up sometime later this week.
Time to go do some more laundry and think about getting stuff ready for dinner.

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2 thoughts on “Survival and other things…

  1. I love all of the pictures. I'm finally getting caught up around here. What awesome birds.
    I hope things are going well for you now that your dad is gone and you're back to work.

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