Almost done!

Both desks are put together and look really great. One problem I was afraid of is that the L-desk is narrower (not as deep) as the 60″ desk. However, I think with the hutch along that same side it (hopefully) won’t be too noticeable if I keep the L-desk pulled farther away from the wall so that the fronts of both desks match up. Aside from that, the stuff has been a breeze to put together. The down side is that I am sore! My wrists and hands hurt from screwing in so many various screws and bolts and my legs and back hurt from crouching or kneeling all day yesterday.

This morning I will put the hutch together and then Neil will come by sometime to help me get it up on top of the desk. Then the real fun of sliding that heavy desk back to where it belongs will happen. Unfortunately, the hutch attaches with screws to the back side of the desk, so I have to leave it pulled out until we can secure the hutch.
OK – time to start hauling hutch pieces into the office. (Since the boxes were too heavy for me to move, I have been bringing all the pieces into the office in batches.)

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