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Argh. I am frustrated with trying to find a good dog food. I should have just gone straight from the Nature's Variety to the Wellness…but instead (due to price) I tried the Eagle Pack Holistic stuff first. Sadie and Marly are both eating tons of grass (which neither of them ever did before), Sadie's skin has gotten really flaky and dandruffy again and her tummy has way too many bouts of The Gurgles. And both dogs are chewing on their feet.

This afternoon I will head out to the store to pick up a bag of Wellness to try. I do like that the Wellness feeding guidelines are such that Marly will consume less in volume than with either the Eagle Pack or the NV. I have already switched the kitties to Wellness which they LOVE! The problem I have right now is that it is new and novel and they are eating it like Wellness might stop making it tomorrow. So I am having to regulate amounts as much as I can and once it is gone for the day, that's it. No more. But that is hard to do with three of them and not always being sure who has been eating and who hasn't. 
In other dog news, Sadie is going in for knee surgery this week. Her left ACL finally tore and it is causing her pain (the dog who NEVER complains actually whimpers once in a while). I know exactly when it happened too – Thursday when I was picking the dogs up from day care Marly was overly excited and jumping up on me and she landed on Sadie when Sadie came up to get some love from me too. Sadie then yelped and has ever since been holding that leg way up. I've decided since it is Marly's fault I am going to start charging her rent to help cover the vet bills. Ha! Poor Sadiepup. At least her other leg (that was repaired two years ago almost to the month) is doing really, really well. And it is an outpatient procedure – they do the surgery in the morning and unless there are any concerns, she comes home that evening. The good news is that her bloodwork came back and she is otherwise as healthy as a puppy!
Statistics show that 60% of dogs who have problems with an ACL usually have have problems with the other leg within just a few years. In dogs it is a degenerative issue (picture a fraying rope) rather than the sudden tears that people get – I am wondering if it is related to the teeth issues Sadie has had all her life. She was already almost 5 months old when I got her and I wonder if she had nutrition deficiencies in those first months that have caused these problems.
Right now she is on Rimadyl which could be the cause of the most recent tummy upset (but the food is still changing, the skin problems and other tummy upsets happened well before the knee thing). 
So, that's the low-down on the critters…oh yes, and Bonnie is due for her annual shots. I am going to try to schedule that for the afternoon that I pick Sadie up from her surgery so I don't have to make yet another trip out there this week. Unfortunately, none of the animals are synched up with their vaccinations so I feel like I am at the vet every other week for some reason or another.

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2 thoughts on “Dogs & Cats

  1. Poor Sadie! I hope that her surgery goes well and that she's up and back to normal soon. Hopefully Marly feels a little guilty. 😉
    Good luck figuring out food. It sucks that you had things going well with NV and now have to switch.

  2. Thank you! And I think Marly is completely oblivious to the situation other than Sadie has been a little more testy than usual. I wonder how Marly will behave around Sadie after the surgery…

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