Meet Waylon

IMG_3827, originally uploaded by neilcar.

Ugh, back to the grind today after a nice, lazy four-day weekend. I did get the house somewhat cleaned up this weekend (because I had dinner guests on Monday)…but other than that it was all about lounging about and playing with dogs and cats and donkeys.

Donkeys? Yes! Donkeys! Last night Neil and I went to some friends’ for dinner. While we were there we got to meet Waylon – their one week old baby donkey. He is the cutest, fluffiest thing I have ever seen!

When we pulled up he came bounding over to the fence to greet us. Apparently he had just learned to run the day before…he also made his first hee-haw then. He didn’t share the vocal skills with us last night, though. In the photo (taken by Neil) he is imitating Mom and pretending to eat the hay, but he doesn’t have his teeth yet. He also noses at her food in the bowl and licks the salt block like she does. It is insanely adorable.

They also have a couple horses (one I believe is a rescue horse) – Georgia and Lakota. Two dogs – Scrappy and Jesse (or maybe it is Jessie?). And several rescue cats… unfortunately the only names I remember are Woody and Banjo. Banjo was a kitten only a few months old that was still in his crazed kitty stage. I had a blast playing with him.

The more I am around places and people like this, the more I envy their living style. I want to move farther out into the country where I can have some more land, fewer neighbors, and maybe even a donkey of my own. Someday…

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2 thoughts on “Meet Waylon

  1. Aw, he's so cute!! I've always liked farm animals. We keep thinking that Haven would like hanging out with goats.
    I hope that getting back into work mode hasn't been too hard on you.

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