I’m electric…


Ok, not really…but I did get zapped pretty good yesterday afternoon when a bolt of lightening struck down somewhere nearby outside. At first I thought it hit the house, but there are no signs of singeing or other damage that indicate any kind of direct strike, but it certainly wasn’t far away.
I think the cooler I bought for the laptop is what zapped me, though I don’t really know. All I know is that it was a very, very loud pop in the office here and several house breaker switches were thrown. In fact, none of the surge protector breakers were switched. Thus far, the only electronic casualties that I can find are the cable modem (went a bought a new one at Best Buy last night and got it activated with TimeWarner – which I will say was a very easy process once I got through to someone…hold time was LONG.), my garage door opener (which may have a fuse of its own that got blown…I will need to investigate further), and the circuit for the bonus room over the garage (I can’t get that breaker switch to flip back on even after unplugging everything up there).
So, this afternoon I will call my insurance company to see if they cover something like this and then call the electrician to come look at the circuit. Once that is fixed then we can see if my treadmill and/or stereo up there got fried.
The strike flipped the breakers for my office, the guest room, the master bedroom, the “loft” (bonus room over the garage), and the refrigerator.
I think the modem got fried through the cable line which is the ONLY thing that wasn’t run through a surge protector. The new modem is attached to cable that is attached to the surge protector now. Heh. Live and learn. Luckily, the fridge seems OK…but I may take the sales person’s advice and get a surge protector for that outlet too.
So that is my recent excitement…Sadie’s leg is doing very well. She is starting to stand on it a tiny bit and even walk on it a little, but she still hops on three legs if she needs to go fast. *laugh* There doesn’t appear to be much swelling left or redness which is good. Now, as long as she doesn’t start pulling at the stitches she won’t have to wear one of those silly collars. We’ll see how she does with that.

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3 thoughts on “I’m electric…

  1. Yikes!! Trying out a little shock therapy huh? I'm glad there wasn't more you had to deal with. I'd be interested to know if insurance covers something like that.
    A few years ago we had a dead tree fall on the house. They wouldn't take care of removing the tree or dead ones around it. Well, they might have taken care of the fallen tree but no prevenative measures for the other dead ones because they didn't damage the house. I think the deductable would have been a pain to deal with so we paid out of pocket to remove the three trees (they were too close to the house for Andrew and his dad to try to take down). I'd be interested to see what insurance says about lightning strikes.
    I'm happy that Sadie is doing well. How's Marly handling a slower Sadie?

  2. It seemed like a fun idea at the time? 😉 I ran out of time to call the insurance folks today, so that is a first-thing-in-the-morning item. I will let you know (though, I will admit I don't hold much hope…but you never know!)

  3. I know what you mean about dogs going their own pace and know better than humans how fast or slow to go. I hope that Sadie's recovery goes quickly. It's great that she's doing well on the pills.

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