Have I mentioned…

…that Marly ate a sock?

Yes, a sock! Swallowed whole with no damage done to it. How do I know this? Well, it came back up the other evening. As I was cleaning up the mess out of her kennel I noticed a rather solid mass at the center of it. I was worried about it so I poked at it a bit to try to figure out what it was and suddenly realized that it was a footy sock (ya know, the sports style socks that just come up to the ankle of the shoe?). I am pretty sure she had picked it up off the floor and had it in her mouth. Then when someone walked into the room, she swallowed it to avoid getting into trouble (she does this now with the chunks of TP she tears off the rolls when I forget to shut the bathroom doors and she gets caught with a mouth full of paper).
I used to just worry that she would destroy the socks (or other small articles of clothing, dish towels, etc.)…but now this is a whole new level of worry. Thank goodness it came back up and there was no damage done, but I am definitely going to have to keep a better eye on her and pay more attention to what gets left within Marly-reach.

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4 thoughts on “Have I mentioned…

  1. Marly's keeping you on your toes!! Hopefully by the time she's two or three that will calm down. 😉 It did for our dogs anyway. Beacon used to like getting use tissues and q-tips out of the trash and eat them or walk around with them in his mouth. Thankfully he grew out of that!!
    I'm glad that the sock came back out and you didn't have to worry about seeing if it would pass or even worse going into surgery.

  2. *nod* No kidding! The worst part was that I didn't know she had eaten it, so I wouldn't even begin to know what was wrong with her (other than I know she tends to eat things, so we probably ought to take a look in there).

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