If only my car would run on Marly Gas…

Seriously! Marly has the worst. gas. ever. She consumed an entire extra-large pizza (minus two pieces) yesterday. And also a container of marinara sauce. I am pretty sure I might die of asphyxiation in my sleep tonight.

The local gas situation is ridiculous. Thursday I didn’t find any stations with gas between the airport and my house (approximately eight stations). I hadn’t gone out to look since, but when Neil went out Saturday morning he only saw one station with a line of about 15 cars in each direction. I didn’t want to go wait that long – that was yesterday and this morning that station was again without.

I did get lucky and find gas at a fairly close-by station without waiting. It must have been a fluke because by the time I left there was a HUGE line both ways there too (and the pumps were starting to chug when I was there – at least the one I was at was…it took forever to fill up). The mayor keeps claiming that the situation will be resolved by mid-week. We’ll see. At least for now I am fine with a full tank and nowhere that I need to be besides the airport on Tuesday (which is close). This ordeal has given me a new appreciation for making sure to keep my tank filled. It has also made me accutely aware that I do not have any amenities within reasonable walking distance from my home assuming that I would be hauling items back once I did get there. I guess I might just break down and put together a good emergency kit after all.

In other news – off to PA this week. My boss is traveling with me which has me totally stressed out. Cest la vie. Also, additional stress: I can’t find my checkbook where I store my emergency credit cards. Which means I now have four credit cards unaccounted for (two of them I never use which means there is a significant amount of financial trouble someone could cause me if they are really lost outside my home).  And of course my checks…*sigh* Thus far nothing has shown up on any accounts that isn’t mine. I will keep watch and if I can’t find it all by this weekend I will call and start ordering replacements.

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4 thoughts on “If only my car would run on Marly Gas…

  1. I've been woncering about the gas situation!!! How terrible. I am glad to be not in Raleigh right now. (So far Florida, on a different pipeline, has not been affected).
    I'm goinng home for a week or so in October, and I'm wondering if I need a gas can just to travel up there!!! Hopefully by then it will be totally a memory…eeek.
    Good Luck!

  2. Good luck with your trip! I hope it's not as stressful as you think it will be going in.
    I'm glad you were able to find gas. What a mess. Hopefully by the time you get back home things will be better.

  3. Thanks! A lot of it is "test-day-jitters"…but the travel is just starting to wear again too. Luckily, after this I have two weeks at home before anything out of town again. I am going to try to keep my travel to two weeks and then a week at home for this next quarter if I can. Two weeks seems to be about my limit these days….and more and more I am wishing I could get my family to come out here for the holidays because of that!

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