Yes I am still here…

and reading whatever anyone posts. I just haven’t had the wherewithal to write much lately. Works has me drained to the point that anything outside of it that happens is on a pure “must-do” basis. Laundry…maybe I will even vacuum today (which should be a must do, but I am so tired it still probably won’t get done)…and more laundry. I did dishes earlier.

Mr M went to the vet on Friday – I came home late Thursday night to what appeared to be (and felt like) an abscess on his neck right behind his ear. My assumption was that he either got into it with another cat, dog or animal of a wilder variety. After taking the kitty into the back to shave some fur to get a better look the vet comes back and says, “the more I investigated this, the more I am convinced he did this to himself”. Awesome…my cat is into self-mutilation. It turns out it was just gunk in his fur that had dried up and made the lump. The gunk however, was from the flap of skin he tore off his ear. He has skin allergies and was apparently scratching a lot and caught himself with a claw. Now that it is all cleaned up he seems to be doing much better. The vet said it is most likely seasonal (he has a cat that gets the same problem) and to just keep an eye on him. He thinks it is ragweed that does it.
Marly went to the vet today. (Have I mentioned in the past how much I feel like I live there?) Her ear is flaring up again and I figured it was time to have someone professional take a look. It isn’t actually infected, thank goodness, but is well on its way. So, we are back to cleaning every day and also administering another solution to help get the pH back in check. She was also prescribed prednisone again, but after last time I think we will just skip that part and see how she does. The vet gave (no, I take that back, SOLD) me some different cleaning stuff than I had here at home. This stuff has aloe in it which is good – I think it will help sooth the skin in there. The rest of the ingredients are the same as the stuff I had though, which makes me glad to know that I wasn’t using nasty stuff on her. I mean, I do my research, but you just never know sometimes.
Oh yeah, and Marly lost some weight! She is now weighing in at 88 pounds which is good. She chunked out there, but I think it was her puppy growth spurt suddenly slowing way down and we were still feeding her the giant puppy portions. Now if I could just bring myself to be as good about my own food portioning.
They are LOVING being on the Wellness food. The cats all have fur shinier than I have seen ever as do the dogs. And both dogs haven’t had any bad-breath problems since we have been on it. I think we found a winner. It is just too bad it is so much more expensive than the Nature’s Variety.
Not much else to say…back to the same old grind tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Yes I am still here…

  1. I really hope Wells Fargo purchases Wachovia, as I bank with Wachovia. I Am soooo not a fan of Citibank.
    I would have preferred no one be bought, but….I suppose that wasnt to be.

  2. I'm glad the kids are doing well on Wellness. Is Sadie back to normal or almost normal activity now? I hope that Marly's ear issues clear up and stay that way for a while. You have been living at the vet's office lately!I just heard on the news today that the bank I used to work for had their stock drop 27%. There are rumors that they'll get bought out. I went through a merger when I worked there. I'm wondering if my friends who are still there will be lucky enough to have a job if another merger takes place.

  3. I am going to take a stab in the dark and guess it was BofA? Of course, with the market doing what it is, it could be almost any bank these days! *laugh*

  4. I have been hearing that a LOT since Friday when they announced the Wells Fargo deal. Of course since then things have gotten mighty interesting. We shall see what happens with it all.

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