Moo Woes

Marly Moo (her nickname is Moo because she got so big so fast…we called her Moo-cow) is going in on Thursday for a sedated ear cleaning. *sigh*

Today was her annual boosters, exam, and her first big-girl (3yr) rabies shot. During the exam I asked the doctor to take a look at her ear because it still seems to be bothering her off and on (I am cleaning it three times or more a week to keep it from bugging her). After a lot of struggling to get her to hold still, and a lot of looking and saying "hmmm", he told me that things did not look good in there. That I was doing a fabulous job of cleaning her ear, but that because the original gook/infection from this past summer was never fully cleared, it had been accumulating crud way deep down in the canal that regular cleaning just can't get at.

The hope is that this is truly just left-over from that initial infection and once it is finally cleaned and cleared-up it will be over and done with. According to the doc, the more common probability is that it is an allergy related chronic issue. I am voting for the one-time deal!

Once cleaned she will be on heavy-duty anitbiotics. How heavy will depend on whether the ear drum was comprimised. If so, she could also have a middle-ear infection…which means she could also go deaf in that ear (if she isn't already). And she will be on prednisone, which sucks. Chances are it will bring back the bed-wetting issues, but the doctor was fabulous in actually talking to me about all of that and told me that if it were his dog, he would deal with the bed-wetting because without getting the inflamation under control the infection will keep recurring.

So, there you have it. A simple trip to the vet results in yet another trip that is going to cost me hundreds. No stockings this year and anyone I haven't already shopped for is simply out of luck.

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