Quick update on The Moo…

Well, a day and a half now of the prednisone and Moo doesn't seem to be having any incontinence issues! YAY! She is still being a pill about letting me get drops in her ears (and who can blame her after going through what she has?!?) but we are managing.

Running around too much still seems to really bother her, but there has been little to no whining outside of those times and she is sleeping well. We shall see in another week or so if this is all working or not.

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2 thoughts on “Quick update on The Moo…

  1. Yay! I'm glad she's responding to meds so well. Hopefully she'll get a little more used to her ears being messed with once she realizes what you're doing is helping her.

  2. I hope so! The drops are so weird and thick…it would be easier if they were runnier because I could just sort of squirt and work them down where they need to be! 🙂

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