The Moo – so far so good!

The doc said her ears are looking really great…and that now the fun part starts. We have to wait and watch to see if it is going to be a continuous problem.

The good news is that typically a food allergy still shows symptoms even with prednisone, so he doesn't think that is it. (Whew!) However, it could be an airborne allergy that triggers it…so we are now keeping an eye out for feet chewing/licking, shaking the head, hot spots, etc. while she gets weened off the prednisone. Unfortunately, my trip home falls right in the middle of all this, so she may end up on a low dose of prednisone while I am away to stave off any issues until I am back and can tackle them as soon as they show signs.

Ultimately, though, I don't think this is a chronic problem. I truly think it was the infection from this summer that never got cleared up properly. And now that I know I need to clean her ears regularly, I don't think it will be an issue.


Sadie, on the other hand, has a hot spot of sorts…it looks as though something either bit or stung her rear end while she was going potty the other day. Right under the base of her tail. Poor gal! I gave her some benedryl and rubbed the spot with some rubbing alcohol.

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2 thoughts on “The Moo – so far so good!

  1. Yeah! It's great that Marly's doing well and the prognosis is good for her ear infection not being chronic. I hope things continue to go well in the upcoming weeks. Too bad your trip is coming up but at least she can be on some low dose meds while you're away.

  2. Thanks! She really seems to be feeling better too. She never had skin problems before all this, so it really makes me believe this was a one time deal.
    Poor Sadie though…she has all sorts of problems. Especially in the winter – her skin gets SO dry (just like mine!). And now with this bite/spot on her butt…it much itch like crazy be cause she is making it raw. I think tomorrow I am going to have to go to the store and get a cone collar for her.

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